2006 UV & EB Technical Conference Proceedings
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Bonding & Adhesives

Formulating Goals of Energy Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Sean Des Roches and Wendy Murphy, RAHN USA Corp

New UV/EB Curable Laminating Oligomers Specially Designed for Transparent Adhesion to Rigid Plastic

Deborah Smith, Sartomer Company

Using Raman spectroscopy to determine adhesive distribution in hybrid layer of dental bonding

Yuan Zou, Steve R. Armstrong and Julie L. P. Jessop, University of Iowa

Environmentally Friendly Tackifying Oligomers for Formulating Radiation Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Deborah Smith, Sartomer Company

Formulation of Coatings - General

Acrylate Monomer Free/VOC Compliant Ultraviolet-A Radiation Curable Technology for Automotive Refinish Clear Coat

Michael Jeffries, Charles Gambino and Joe Pierce, Bayer MaterialScience LLC,

Smooth Operators: Wetting, Flow, and Leveling and Dispersing Solutions for UV Cure Coatings

Anbu Natesh and Ramesh Iyer, Cognis Corporation, Peter Bene, Cognis GmbH, Antoine Carroy and Laurence Druene, Cognis France.

Formulating for Reactivity

Kurt Willard, CYTEC Surface Specialties

New Additive Chemistries for Improved Pigment Suspension Control in Non-Aqueous UV Cured High Performance Coatings

Scott Murray and William. A. Reynolds and Detlef vanPeij Elementis Specialties

Raw Materials One

High Performance Non-Traditional Acrylated Oligomers

Joseph D. DeSousa, Richard W. Finch, Igor V. Khudyakov, Kenneth W. Swiderski and R. David Zopf, Bomar Specialties

Integrated Approach to Studying the Development and Final Network Properties of Urethane Acrylate Coatings

Susan Gasper, Carrie Hogue, David Schissel, Diane Smith, Linda Baker, Lung-Ming Wu, Randall Youngman, Robert Hancock, Steven Givens and Susan Sonner, Corning Inc.z

Low Extractable/ Low Odor Acrylates for Food Packaging Applications

V. Stone, J-A. Arceneaux, F. Bergiers, L. Boutreau, D. Michiels and T. Randoux, Cytec Specialty Chemicals

Radiation Curable Hyperbranched Polyester Acrylates

Jeffrey A. Klang, Sartomer Company

Specialty Applications - Electronics

Development of solvent-free UV-curable conductive inks for printed flexible microelectronics

Samali Datta, Saurabh Nanavati, Nathan Schuler, Robert Sailer, Dustin Vaselaar, Aaron Reinholz, Douglas L. Schulz, David Wells and Dean C. Webster, North Dakota State University

Incorporation of Novel Photocuring Oligomers in Electronic Applications

Chris Klein, Schenectady International Inc.

Interpenetrating Networks from Photopolymerization in Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Polymer Templates

Jason Clapper and C. Allan Guymon, The University of Iowa

Specialty Applications - Glass

The Effect of Urethane Acrylate Structure on the Fracture Toughness and Puncture Resistance of Optical Fiber Coatings

Michelle D. Fabian, G. Scott Glaesemann, David N. Schissel, and Robert Hancock, Corning Incorporated

UV Curable Glass Lamination for Acoustical Performance

Carol Vargas, CYTEC Surface Specialties

UltraViolet Fusing of Art & Technology

Sidney Hutter, Sidney Hutter Glass & Light Inc. and Anbu Natesh Cognis Corporation

Formulation of Coatings Plastics

Hooked on Plastics: How to get your UV coating to stick to plastic?

Antoine Carroy, Laurence Druene & Morgan Garinet, Cognis France, Anbu Natesh & Levi Scott, Cognis Corporation

The Next Generation of Weatherable Hardcoats

Eileen Weber, Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co. Inc.

Adhesion to Plastic

Marcus Hutchins, CYTEC Surface Specialties

Raw Materials Two

New Radiation Curable Polyester Acrylate Oligomers Exhibiting Superior Abrasion Resistant Properties While Offering a Cost Effective Alternative to Urethane Acrylate Oligomers

William Schaeffer, Sartomer Company

Novel acrylate resin for better UV protection

Pradipkumar Dubey, Hitesh Soni, Samir Kanitkar, Sirrirat, Somyot Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd., Epoxy Division, Thailand

Novel Photopolymerizable Monomers

Neil B. Cramer, Casey O.Brien and Christopher N. Bowman University of Colorado, Chris W. Miller and Jurgen Van Holen, Cytec

Photopolymerization of Several Novel Dendritic Systems

Huanyu Wei, Askim F. Senyurt and Charles E. Hoyle, University of Southern Mississippi Sonny Jönsson, Fusion UV Systems, Inc

Specialty Applications - Industrial

Application of flexible UV coatings on heat sensitive substrates

John Stansfield, Accelerated Curing

UV Curable Putties for Automotive Repair

Marla deLombard-Watts, Cytec Surface Specialties

Styrene-free UV cured resins systems for composites

William K. Goss, Day International, Inc. and Carl Loskofsky, University of Akron

UV Pigmented Coatings for Three Dimensional Metal Applications

Kristy Wagner, Red Spot Paint and Varnish

Corrosion Protection of the Cut Edge of Coil Coated Sheets by Application of UV-Curing Lacquers

Raphael Petry, utg c/o Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Measurement & Analysis

Acrylate monomer reactivity studied through time resolved laser spectroscopy

X. Allonas, J. Lalevée and J.P. Fouassier, University of Haute Alsace

Long Term Stability and Reliability of Permanently Installed On-Line UV Sensors

Kyle Bostian, EIT Instrument Markets

Alternative UV Radiometry and Process Verification in Difficult Configurations

R.W. Stowe, Fusion UV Systems Inc.

A New Approach In Analyzing The Double Bond Conversion Using A “Layer By Layer” Conversion In UV Cured

S. Jönsson and R. Bao, Fusion UV Systems Inc.

UV: How Much Is Enough? In-Situ Curing Studies of Commercial UV Formulations

Paul Mills, North American Automotive UV Consortium Adetoun Adebule,

Chemistry Part One

New Classes of Photopolymerizable Monomers and Oligomers: Acrylamides, Urea Acrylamides and Carbonate Acrylates

Chace Craig, Chiamaka Ofoh, Garima Ghandir, Idongesit Attang, Jason Henderson, Rebecca Herrington and T. Brian Cavitt, Abilene Christian University

Novel Photocrosslinking Molecules

Kristi Simonton and Edward Fewkes, Corning Inc.

Elucidation of a Novel Photoproduct via Irradiation of Isopropylthioxanthone with Maleic Anyhdride and its Effect on a Three-Component Photoinitiator

Matthew E. Mullings, Corry Walker, Adam McDonough, and T. Brian Cavitt, Abilene Christian University

Curing Mechanisms Affecting Curl in UV-Coated Laminate Constructions of Semi-Rigid Materials

Loyd J. Burcham*, Steven Fields, and Ray Allenbach, Congoleum Corporation, Charles E. Hoyle and Huanyu Wei, School of Polymers and High Performance Materials

(Meth)acryloyl End-functionalized Telechelic Polyacrylate


UV & EB Curing in Japan Part One

Dryfilm Photoresists and Photoinitiators for Direct Imaging

Makoto KAJI, Hitachi Chemical co. LTD

Creation of New Organic Reactions of Oxetanes and Their Application to the Synthesis of Photo-curable Polymers and Oligomers

Tadatomi Nishikubo, Kanagawa University

The pursuit of rapid curing in UV cationic polymerization

Yasushi Mizuta and Yuichi Ito, Mitsui Chemicals, INC.

HYBRID MONOMERS; 2-(2-Vinyloxy ethoxy) ethyl (meth)acrylate

Keiji Yurugi,; Koichi Nakagawa, Akihiko Fukada and Tomoki Gomi, NIPPON SHOKUBAI CO. LTD.

Re-workable UV Curing Materials

Masamitsu Shirai, Osaka Prefecture University

High Performance Double-sided PSA Tape Produced by UV Irradiation

Koji Kobayashi, Research & Development Center and Soken Chemical & Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Cationic Chemistry

Novel Intramolecular Hydrogen Abstraction Photosensitizers (IHA-PS) for Cationic Photopolymerization

Zhigang Chen and Dean C. Webster, North Dakota State University

The role of water in photoinitiated cationic ring-opening polymerization of cyclohexane epoxides

Dongkwan Kim and Julie L.P. Jessop, The University of Iowa

Investigation of Inhibition Effects in Acrylate/Epoxide Hybrid Systems Using Raman Confocal Microscopy

Ying Cai and Julie L. P. Jessop, The University of Iowa

Novel Cationic Monomers for Inkjet Processes

Ramkrishna Ghoshal and Rajat Ghoshal, Polyset Company Inc.

Designed Carrier Gas UV Laser Ablation Sensitizers for Cationic UV Curable Coatings

Zhigang Chen and Dean C. Webster, North Dakota State University

Curing Properties of Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Derivatives

Hiroshi Sasaki, Toagosei Co. Ltd.


UV Curing of 3D Parts - What is the Best Lamp Arrangement?

Kevin Joesel, Fusion UV Systems Inc.

Development of Electronic Ballast Controls of UV Lamps

Joe Ooten, IST America

Developments in Robotic UV Curing

Paul Mills, North American Automotive UV Consortium

Multi-Lamp Microwave UV Systems

Vlad Danilychev, Quantum Technologies

Chemistry Part Two

Photoinitiator-free Photopolymerization of Acrylates Using Short-Wavelength Excimer UV Radiation

Tom Scherzer, Lutz Prager, Wolfgang Knolle, Sergej Naumov, Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification (IOM)

Dual functionality monomers for photo-crosslinking opens up new opportunities

David James, Henrik Bernquist, Kent Sörensen, Pia Appelkvist and Peter Sandell, Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB;

Photopolymerization of Acid Containing Monomers: Real Time Monitoring of Polymerization Rate and Hydrogen Bonding

Hui Zhou and Charles E. Hoyle, University of Southern Mississippi, Tai Yeon Lee, University of Colorado, C. Allan Guymon, University of Iowa, E. Sonny JÖnsson, Fusion UV-Curing Systems

Copolymerization of N-Vinyl Pyrrolidinone with Multi-functional Acrylates

Timothy J. White, William B. Liechty and C. Allan Guymon, University of Iowa

Nanostructure Development of Polymers Templated from Lyotropic Liquid Crystals

Michael A. DePierro, Kyle G. Carpenter, and C. Allan Guymon, University of Iowa

Properties of Difunctional Ionic Liquid Monomers and Their Polymers

Zulma Jiménez, John A. Pojman, Andrew Lowe, Hui Zhou and Charles E. Hoyle, University of Southern Mississippi., Mark S. Pale, Marshall Space Flight Center XD42.

UV & EB Curing in Japan Part Two

Radiation Curing Technology in Liquid Photo-Imageable Solder Mask (LPISM)

Gen Itokawa, Tatsuya Iijima, Shoji Minegishi and Masahisa Kakinuma, TAIYOINK MFG. CO. LTD.

Photofabricated Optical Wave Guide

Tsuyoshi Watanabe, JSR Corporation

Analysis of impurities in multi-functional acrylates and their influence on the properties

Eiichi Okazaki, Shinji Kojima, Jun Takada, Morikatsu Matsunaga, TOAGOSEI Co. Ltd

Photoresponsive Behavior of Photochromic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers

Tomiki Ikeda, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Development of new PEFC membrane by means of EB grafting

Masakazu Washio, Fumihiro Muto, Jingye Li, Takaharu Miura and Akihiro Oshima, Waseda University

Equipment – LED Advancements

The Environmental Health & Safety Aspects of Solid-State UV Sources

Mark Owen and Paul Mills, Phoseon Technology

Measuring UV Cure with the Thin Film Calorimeter

Stephen Siegel, UV Process Supply

Characterizing the Output and Curing Capabilities of Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) Sources

Paul Mills and Alex Schriener, Phoseon Technology

UV LEDs: Power Packages and High Power Module

Jason Rudolph, Nichia America Corporation


Synthesis of a Novel Photo-Radical Initiator Based on Naphthalic-1 8-N-alkylimide Derivatives

Katsuya Sakayori, Yuji Shibasaki, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., and Mitsuru Ueda Tokyo Institute of Technology

Photolatent bases: new catalysts for the UV-curing of coatings

Katia Studer, Tunja Jung, Kurt Dietliker, Johannes Benkhoff, Eugene Sitzmann, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc. and Nazire Dogan, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes

Beyond the usual compromises on photoinitiators performances in inks and coatings

Jean-Luc Birbaum, Rinaldo Huesler, Jean-Pierre Wolf, Stephan Ilg and Sébastien Villeneuve, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Novel Iodonium Imidazolide Photocatalysts

Richard Eckberg, GE Advanced Materials Silicone Products Div. and Anna Kowalewska and WDodzimierz A. StaEczyk, Centre of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences

Use of new photoinitiators in graphic arts

M. Visconti , E. Bellotti and S. Lundahl, Lamberti S.p.A.

Formulation of Coatings - Waterborne

Exterior Wood Coatings based on New Waterborne One-Component UV-Curable Polyurethane Dispersions

Bob Wade and Mike Dvorchak Bayer Material Science;

Advances in waterborne UV coatings

Henrik Bernquist, David James, Pia Appelkvist, Bo Häggman and Kent Sörensen, Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB

Comparison of UV Curable PU Acrylate Dispersions with 100% Solids UV Curable PU Acrylates

Oscar Valdes-Aguilera, CYTEC Surface Specialties


The use of nanoadditives to improve scratch resistance of radiation curable coatings

Thomas Sawitowski, BYK Chemie GmbH

Photopolymerization behaviour and nanomechanical characterization of UV-cure coatings

Askim Senyurt and Paige Phillips Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Dr Gary Dennis

UV Curing and Cure Grafting of Novel Water Compatible Oligomers with Nanoparticle Fillers on Cellulosics Particularly Banana Ply Paper.

Gary R. Dennis, University of Western Sydney, John L. Garnett, Radcure Inc, and Kevin J. Jarrett, Monocure Pty Ltd.

Light Induced Curing of Clay/Polymer Nanocomposites

H. Esen, A. Rachini, J. Brendle, L. Balan, D. Burget and C.Decker, Université de Haute-Alsace

The Effects of POSS Nanoparticles on Surface and Bulk Properties on Thiol-ene Thin Films

Tolecia S. Clark, Charles E. Hoyle and Sergei Nazarenko, University of Southern Mississippi

UV-Polymerizable Systems Containing Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs)

Vien Lam, Giovanna Patino, Colin Carandang, and Byron Christmas, University of Houston-Downtown

Specialty Applications - Ink Development

UV Curable High Opacity Ink Jettable White Ink

Sudhakar Madhusoodhanan and Devdatt S. Nagvekar Hexion Specialty Chemicals

UV Flexographic Inks for Shrink Sleeve Applications

Andrew Seecharan, CYTEC Surface Specialties

Optimization of UV Curable Inkjet Ink Properties for Jet Stability

Sara Edison, Hexion Specialty Chemical Inc.

New Raw Materials for Thermoformable UV/EB Inks and Coatings

James Goodrich, Sartomer Company Inc.

Process Technology Part One

Novel effects beyond radiation curing

J. Benkhoff, K. Powell, T. Jung, K. Fritzsche, W. Fischer, K. Dietliker and E. Sitzmann, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc.

UV-Cured Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Environmental Superiority

Christopher Bradlee, Charlene A. Wall, Timothy Sanborn and Ronald Horwitz, BASF Corporation

High-throughput Experimentation: A Modern Workflow for the Development of Waterborne Wood Coatings

Margaret Kendi, Stephanie Strazisar and Michael Dvorchak, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Protecting UV Paints and Coatings From the Harmful Effects of . . . UV

Roy Krohn, Allied PhotoChemical and Charlene Wall, BASF Corporation

Plasma technology; a solution for UV-Curing on 3-dimensional Substrate

Tunja Jung , Peter Simmendinger , Katia Studer, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc. and Wolfgang Tobisch, Dürr Systems GmbH

Market Overview of UV/EB

Applications and Growth of UV Curing Technology in China

Wenfang Shi, University of Science and Technology of China Youkai Jin and Yangzhi Jin, RadTech China

Radiation Curing Technology Progress and Its Industrial Application in Japan

Tsuyoshi Watanabe, JSR Corporation

Thiol-ene Based Chemistry

Photopolymerization of Multicomponent Thiol-Enes Kinetics and Mechanism

Sonny Jonsson, Fusion UV system Inc., Charles E. Hoyle, Sergei Nazarenko, Askim F. Senyurt, and Huanyu Wei, University of Southern Mississippi

Reactivity and Polymer Film Properties of Stabilized UV-Polymerizable Thiol/Acrylate Systems

Janeth Sanchez, Hilda Hinojosa, Brian Rodriguez and Byron K. Christmas, University of Southern Mississippi

Mechanical and Electro-optic Properties of Thiol-ene based Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC)

Askim F. Senyurt, Charles E. Hoyle, Joe B. Whitehead and Garfield Warren, University of Southern Mississippi

Photocured Films from Thiocarbamates Thiol-Enes: Physical and Mechanical Properties

Qin Li, Hui Zhou, Douglas A. Wicks and Charles E. Hoyle, University of Southern Mississippi

Photocured Thiol-Ene Thick Thermosets for Sports Applications

Scott Piland, Trenton E. Gould, Askim F. Senyurt, Huanyu Wei, Brian Phillips, Paul J. Jones, Michael Cole, Sergei Nazarenko and Charles E. Hoyle, University of Southern Mississippi

Process Technology Two

Superior Cold dieLESS Foiling Materials and Processes

Earl Melby, Dyna-Tech Adhesives & Coatings and API Foils and Angelo Yializis,

High Speed Dry Coating Process for Wide Webs: Integration for Plasma Treatment Metal Deposition with Polymer Coatings

Michael G. Mikhael and Angelo Yializis, Sigma Technologies International Inc.

Photoinitiated Frontal Polymerization for Rapid Repair and for Studying Spherically Propagating Thermal Fronts

John A. Pojman, University of Southern Mississippi

Poster Session

Energy Curable Lithographic Inks: The Influence of Acrylated Oligomer Properties on Ink Misting

Rosalyn Waldo, Cytec Surface Specialties and Caroline Grotzinger

Manufacture of moulded articles by photopolymerisation under visible or near ultraviolet light

C. Grotzinger, D. Burget, Département de Photochimie Générale; G. Richard, Jean-Pierre Fouassier, L. Yean, and O. Primel, Essilor International Research Center

Surface Hydrophilic Treatment of Polyester Films via UV irradiation

Gwang Hoe Koo, Hae sung Lee and Jinho Jang, Kumoh National Institute of Technology

Photocatalytic activity of Titanium oxide-containg polymer film

Sungwoo Jin, Gwanghoi Koo, Hae-sung Lee and Jinho Jang, Kumoh National Institute of Technology

New Low Cost Acrylated Tackifying Oligomers Designed to be used in Formulating Radiation Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Deborah Smith, Sartomer Company

Elucidation of Oligomeric Thiol-ene Stress Development and Network Properties

Deborah Smith, Sartomer Company

Photoinitiated Emulsion Graft Polymerization of Synthetic Monomers to Starch

Chris Comer and Julie Jessop, University of Iowa

Study of the effect of hyperbranched polyol (HBP) on cationic UV curable coating properties

Zhigang Chen, North Dakota State University