2004 UV & EB Technical Conference Proceedings
Table of Contents

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Basic Concepts of Energy Curable Liquid Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Sean Des Roches and Wendy Murphy

Cationic UV-Curable Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Charles W. Paul, Cynthia Meisner, and Pete Walter

Characterization and Optimization of UV/EB-Curable PSAs by Their Dynamic Mechanical Properties

Albert Lin, David Meloon, and Jeff Hamric

New Specialty Oligomers Developed to Increase Performance in UV Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Deborah A. Smith

New Approaches for Radiation Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Z. Jeffrey Wang, Morris A. Johnson, Kris Verschueren, and Victor Lu


Advances in the Design of Photoinitiators Photosensitizers and Monomers for Cationic UV Curing

James V. Crivello, S. Kong, M. Jang, F. Jiang, and Z. Gomurashvili

Fatty Acid Derivatives in Radiation-Curable Coatings

Mats Johansson, J. Samuelsson, P.E. Sundell, and U. Bexell

Fundamental Characterization of Cationic Photopolymerizations of Epoxide Monomers

Vishal Sipani and Alec B. Scranton

High Performance Cationically Curable Oxetanes Formulations

Hiroshi Sasaki

New Developments in Cationic Curing Flexo Inks

Antoine Carroy

Novel Cationic Photoinitiator

Marco Visconti, Massimo Cattaneo, and Gabriele Norcini

Short-Chain Organosilicone Additives for Cationic UV Cure Coatings

Richard P. Eckberg

Tougher Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins for Cationic Cure

Wells Carter, Keith Lamb, and Mark Jupina


Effect of Polymer Composition on Performance Properties of Maleate-Vinyl Ether Donor-Acceptor UV-Curing Systems

Neena Ravindran, Ankit Vora, and Dean C. Webster

Effects of Thiol-Functional Monomers On the Relative Reactivity, Shelf-Life Stability, and Thermomechanical Properties of Acrylate-Functional Monomer Blends

Byron K. Christmas, Mai Vo, Ms. Jannie Dilber, Mai Lam, and Shakti Sharma

Hybrid Oligomers - Organic/Inorganic Acrylics

Gary W. Ceska

In situ Characterization of Conversion and Polymerization Shrinkage Simultaneously in Photo-Cured Hybrid Systems

Yan Lin and Jeffrey W. Stansbury

Novel Routes to Urethane Acrylates

Vincent W. Stone and Peter Burie

Photocure of Thick Polymer Systems: Characterize Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Photoinitiation Rate

Kaveri Jain, Nicole L. Stephenson, Mohamed El-Maazawi, and Alec B. Scranton

Photogenerated Amines As Novel Crosslinking Agents

Scott Bull


Photolatent Amines: New Opportunities in Radiation Curing

Kurt Dietliker, Tunja Jung, and Johannes Benkhoff

A Photochemical Method to Eliminate Oxygen Inhibition in Photocured Systems

Lijing Gou and Alec B. Scranton

Structural Influence of Model Ene Reactivity in Photoinduced Thiol - Ene Polymerization of

Multifunctional Alkenes

Sonny Jonsson

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Highly Functional Thiols

Tolecia S. Clark, Charles E. Hoyle and Sonny Jönsson

The Impact of Oxygen on Photopolymerization

Allison K. O'Brien and Christopher N. Bowman

Influence of Structure on Photocuring Rate of Ultrafast Monofunctional Diluents

Allan Guymon and Lee Tai Yeon


LED Curing Versus Conventional UV Curing Systems: Property Comparisons of Acrylates and Epoxies

K. Dake, E. Montgomery, Y.C. Koo, and M. Hubert

New Large Area High Power and Efficient 172nm Lamp

Manfred Salvermoser and Daniel Murnick

Small Lightweight Electrodeless UV Lamps

Jeffery K. Okamitsu, Victor Mohyla, Kurt Schier, Miodrag Cekic, Brian Turner, Rong Bao, and Chuck Wood

Solid-State UV Curing Technology Comes of Age

Mark Owens


Bismaleimide Oligomers for Wood Coatings

Chau Nguyen, Charles Brady, and Wenfeng Kuang

Development of Low Energy UV Refinish Formulations

Stephanie Strazisar, M. Dvorchak, C. Gambino, H. Bach, and L. Galeza

Hardness or Flexibility…What Works?

Marcus Hutchins

Hybrid Acrylic Urethane Clearcoats for 3-D Wood Metal and Plastic Substrates: Compliance, Appearance, Productivity and Durability

Daniel B. Pourreau, L. Joseph Junker, Shanti Patel, Wei Wang, and Larry Arndt


Latest Investigations in Formulation and Processing of Pigmented UV Coatings

Klaus Menzel

New Developments in UV-Curable Urethane Acrylate Coatings

Igor V. Khudyakov, Todd W. Gantt, Michael B. Purvis, and Bob J. Overton

Novel Coatings from EB-Curing of Thiol-ene Complexes: Potential Industrial Applications of the Products

John L. Garnett, Gary R. Dennis, and Elvis F. Zilic

Performance by Design: Abrasion and Scratch Resistant UV/EB Curable Sealers and Topcoats

L. Scott, A. Natesh, S. Shah, and R. Narayan

Performance Optimization of UV-Powder Coatings by Combining Resin Systems

David A Hammerton, and Kris Buysens

UV-Curable Powder Coatings: Possibilities for a Bright White Future

Corey King, Andreas Wenning, and Emmanouil Spyrou


Design of Experiment to Achieve Optimum Properties of UV Pigmented Inks

Thomas R. Mawby

High Performance Radiation-Curable Ink and Coating Resins for Thermoforming and In-Mold Decoration

Chris W. Miller and Larisa Kagansky

In-Line Processing of Multilayer Food Packaging Laminating Structures with EB Adhesives

Albert Lin, David Meloon, and Jeff Hamric

New Electron Beam Cured Liquid Inks for the Flexible Packaging Market

Volker Linzer, Mikhail Laksin, P. Adhikari, Terry Best, Jitu Modi and Subh Chatterjee

Novel Adhesives and Coatings for Food Packaging with Low Extractables

Earl G. Melby, Patricia Harman, Jenny Weaver, and Rick Williams

Radiation-Curable Inks and Coatings from Novel Multifunctional Acrylate Oligomers

Sridevi Narayan-Sarathy, Michael Gould, Ayleen Zaranec and Lisa Hahn


Acrylated Performance Products for Sandable Sealers

Greg Bryant, Oscar Valdes-Aguilera

"Stainless" BMC - A Polymer Alternative to Stainless Steel

Eileen Weber

UV Curable Products With Superior Outdoor Durability

William Schaeffer, Catherine Leroy, and Ming Fan

UV Induced Frontal Polymerization of (Meth)acrylates

Charles Nason and Charles Hoyle


Radiation Curing in Europe

Heinz Hilmer Bankowsky

Status and Progress of RadTech in China

Hong Xiaoyin


Acrylate Double Bond Conversion as a Function of Irradiance

Rong Bao and Sonny Jonsson

Characterization of Hybrid Resin Systems Based on Epoxy and Acrylate Functionalities

Ying Cai and Julie L. P. Jessop

Evaluating Pigment Dispersion Quality through Dynamic Oscillation Analysis

John Meadows

Fast Oscillation Rheological Data Analysis for Real Time UV Cure Profiling and Shrinkage Determination

Steven M. Colo, Sean W. Race

New Advances in the Investigation of Photoinitiator Reactivity

J.P. Fouassier and J. Lalevée and Xavier Allonas

Optical Pyrometry: A New Method for Monitoring Photopolymerizations

B. Falk, S.M Vallinas, and M.B. Zonca


The Effects of UV Energy Density and Peak Irradiance on the Non-Crosslinked Components in UV-Polymerized Films

Teresa Martinez and Byron K. Christmas

Process Control of UV and EB Curing of Acrylates by In-line NIR Reflection Spectroscopy

Tom Scherzer, Reiner Mehnert and Hartmut Lucht

Rapid Measurement of Photopolymerization Kinetic Behavior Using a Thin-Film Calorimeter

Todd M. Roper and Charles Hoyle

Verifying UV Exposure in 3D Curing Systems

R. W. Stowe


Enhanced Properties of UV Curable Films Containing Layered Silicates as the Nanomaterial

Fawn M. Uhl, Dean C. Webster, Prashanth Davuluri, Shing Chung Wong, Brian R. Hinderliter and Stuart G. Croll

Nanocrystalline Alumina in Transparent UV Coatings

Roger Cayton

Photoinitiator Solubility Effects on Polymer Nanostructure Development in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals

Michael A. DePierro, Alexandra J. Olson, and C. Allan Guymon

Radiation-Curable Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposites

Z. Jeffrey Wang, Carol Black, and Jue Qiao

UV Curable Coatings Containing Functional POSS

Bo Pan


Difunctional Photoinitiators

Marco Visconti and Massimo Cattaneo

Effect of Electron Donor Structure on the Polymerization Kinetics of Visible Three-Component Initiator System

Dongkwan Kim and Alec B. Scranton

Maleimides as Visible Light Photoinitiators

Chau Nguyen and Charles E. Hoyle

New Generation of Photoinitiators for UV Inks and Varnishes

André Fuchs, Thomas Bolle, Stephan Ilg, and Rinaldo Huesler

New Liquid Photoinitiators for Light and Dark Pigmented Ink Systems

Joseph R.C. Wang, PhD, Rhenda Yang, Lancelot Yang, and Chris Chiu

New Phosphine Oxide- Based Photoinitiator (POP)

Chris Chiu and Jimmy Huang


Improved UV Curing of Offset Inks

Chau Nguyen, Charles Brady, and Wenfeng Kuang

The Influence of Hydroxyl Groups on Maleimide/Vinyl Ether Photopolymerization and Film Properties

Charles E. Hoyle, E. Sonny Jonnson, Sukhendu Hait & Emery Shier

Novel Tertiary Amine Synergist

Chau Nguyen, Charles Brady, and Wenfeng Kuang

Photoinitiation of Multifunctional Acrylates via Ferrocene-Alkyl Chloride Charge Transfer Complexes

T. Brian Cavitt, Evan Hardgrove, Julie A. Anderson, and Perry C. Reeves


A Comparison of Maleimide Oligomers with Acrylate Oligomers

Chau K. Nguyen, Charles A. Brady and Wenfeng Kuang

Comparison of Performance of Acrylate and Methacrylate Aliphatic Urethanes

Marla deLombard-Watts

Novel Multifunctional Vinylester Monomers: A New Class of Monomer for Reduced Oxygen Inhibition in UV Curing

Tai Yeon Lee and Charles E. Hoyle

Photoinitiation and Photopolymerization of Novel Self-Initiating Monomers

Charles E. Hoyle

Synthesis and Evaluation of Biologically Derived Diacids in UV/EB Curable Acrylates for Coating and Inks Applications

T. Hegge, L. Scott, R. Narayan, A. Natesh, and S. Shah

UV-Cured and Elastomeric Coatings - A Contradiction?

Jan Weikard, Wolfgang Fischer, Erhard Lühmann, and Diethelm Rappen


Novel Waterborne Hyperbranched Aliphatic Polyesters Used for UV-Curable Coatings

Wenfang Shi, Anila Asif, and Wenfang Shi

Pigmented UV Curing Aqueous Coatings for Furniture

Christoph Irle, Martin Bayona, Michael Dvorchak, Bob Wade

A Ready-to-Use Photoinitiator Formulation for Water-borne UV Curable Systems

M. Cattaneo and M. Visconti

Waterbased Radiation-Curable Polyurethane Acrylate Coatings

Yvonne Heischkel, Menzel E. Beck, K. O. Sass, C. A. Glotfelter, F. Masson, C. Decker, and R. Schwalm


Comparative Study of Novel Thiol-Ene Resins and Composites

Kalena D. Stovall, Charles E. Hoyle, and Joshua U. Otaigbe

Cure Monitoring of UV-Curable Free Radical and Cationic Systems by Using In-Situ Dielectric Analysis and Real-Time FT-Infrared Spectroscopy

K. Zahouily, C. Decker, E. Kaisersberger, M. Gruener

Dual Cured Silicone Conformal Coatings

Khris Alvarez, Glenn Gordon and Jim Tonge

Effect of Thickness, Exposure Time, Photoinitiator Level, and UV Irradiance on the Kinetic and Thermodynamic Properties of UV-Curable Formulations

Jannie Marie Dilber and Byron K. Christmas

Effects of Very Low Levels of UV Energy Density and Peak Irradiance on the Thermomechanical Properties of UV-Polymerized Films

Janeth Sanchez, Jannie Dilber and Byron K. Christmas

Low Color Liquid Acylphosphine Oxide Photoinitiators Blends for UV Coating Applications

E. V. Sitzmann, W. Peter, D. Bramer, J. Jankauskas, G. Losapio, J.-P. Wolf and S. Huguenard

An Overview of Oxygen Inhibition in Photocuring

Charles E. Hoyle

Thermal Behavior and Degradation Mechanism of Phosphate Di/triacrylate Used for UV Curable Flame-Retardant Coatings

Baojun Qu and Hongbo Liang

Urethane Acrylates – Additives for Energy Curable Lithographic Inks

Rosalyn Waldo